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Family research is a fascinating journey. Diving into old documents, photo albums, boxes and yellowing letters. Building a story and handing it to descendants and relatives.

The phrase "there is no one to ask anymore" is used by many people whose ancestors are no longer with us. The family gossip may be difficult to recover, but the family history, places of residence, ancestors and more, are definitely possible.

Danny Racotch Family tree  שורשים דני רקוטש




Let's explore family history together
Making your Family's Past, Present

Danny Racotch Family tree  שורשים דני רקוטש

A little about me

Danny Racotch, a financial and information systems expert, has extensive experience in establishing family trees, tracing family history, connecting relatives and solving family puzzles. Experience in leading workshops and individual guidance for those who wish to research independently


  • Building family trees

  • Search for relatives

  • Solving family mysteries

  • Research on the Holocaust period

  • Locating documents

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